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Guide Light Student Ministry


Tonight I had the privilege to serve on the worship team at Guide Light. This is a student ministry supported by Chester Christian Church here in Ohio. I was encouraged to see about 50 young people on a Sunday night going after God in their own way. These students were challenged tonight to not only be consumers of the gospel but to go out into their schools to be a light. More specifically to be lamps. Being the kind of people who through the power of Holy Spirit are God’s agents in the earth to show people the way.

As the message wrapped up, one of the worship leaders gave a challenge to the students to not take their walk with the Lord lightly. Knowing the struggles that some college age students experience, many of these students really took ahold of God’s hand and asked for help. After that challenge the meeting was closed but the students were given an opportunity to stay and worship. Almost everyone stayed! A prophetic song of the Lord came out to encourage the students not to rush their worship to Jesus but to realize that this is what they will get to do for eternity long. The Lord said, ‘get use to it.’ It was a great time in God’s presence.

Despite my shortcomings and my lack of qualifications, the Lord still chooses to use me and I am forever grateful. Thank you to everyone who has and is praying for the ministry the Lord has entrusted me with.

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